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Bespoke interiors, designed remotely.

E-Design Explained

E-Design, also known as remote or virtual design is an interior design service that is performed completely online. The traditional model of visiting homes has been replaced by virtual tours and electronic idea sharing, where collaboration between you and your designer is done virtually through email, photos, phone calls and/or video. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have access to the internet, you can work with Debeau Interiors on your home project! 

Some of the biggest benefits of E-Design is its affordability, convenience and fast turn-around time. It’s the perfect option if you need help pulling together a vision for a room in your home and you’re willing to put in a little work to make it happen. 






e-design packages

Colour Consultation

We can help bring your space to life through well-considered colours that reflect your individual style and personality. 

Design Discovery

For those who are struggling to find your perfect design style, that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Interior Styling

Featuring space planning and decorative styling, to ensure your space gets furnished to a beautiful and professional standard.


Take your pick from out three E-Design packages shown above. 


The Process


Contact us to schedule your consultation. We will send you a questionnaire to fill in to learn about you and your home.


We will work together to streamline your authentic design, to meet the requirements of your chosen package.


You will receive your design package straight to your email inbox.

Not sure which package is right for you?

Through our free 30 minute consultation we will offer you honest information about what is best for your project. Please get in contact with us to discuss your project and explore the possibilities.


What if I need help with more than one space?

We can help you with multiple rooms or just one. We can do all the spaces at once, or one at a time. It’s up to you!


Does E-design work for kitchens and bathrooms?

Absolutely. We won't suggest any structural changes but we can still help you pick paint colours and style your kitchen or bathroom.

How much does E-Design cost?

Because every project is different, we provide estimates based on your unique design needs. The biggest benefit to E-Design is its affordability in comparison to hiring a designer that does site visits. Get in touch to tell  us about your project and we’ll send your personalised quote.

How long will it take to get my design?

Your estimated project timeline will be listed in your proposal. Most designs can be delivered in 3 weeks.

What if I already have some furniture that I want to keep?

That’s great! E-Design services are customised to your unique design needs.  We can help you if you are starting from scratch, if you already have a few key pieces but want to finish up the space or even if you already have a room full of furniture and just need help with space planning and final touches. 

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