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Monthly Favourites: January 2021

Welcome to Debeau's Design Blog and more specifically to my first ever monthly favourites. Here's what I've been loving this month! Make sure you are following @debeauinteriors on instagram where I'll be sharing more monthly favourites and lots of behind the scenes.

No. 1

The cream/white bouclé furniture trend has been welcomed with open arms in the Debeau studio when paired with modern shapes, such as the Kooper Sofa from shown above. There is something about this fabric effortlessly combines warmth with texture showing that comfort does not have to compromise on style. This style of sofa would be perfect in an office setting, modern cafe to create a cosy conversational area or waiting area in businesses like salons. The range also comes in different colour ways and fabrics which I have linked.




No. 2

A decorative favourite this month is the female figure vase (AKA. the bum vase). An iconic trend that swept the Instagram world during the recent lockdowns. The female form is always used during art but I think it's great that we are celebrating it through a new form. Adding this ceramic bum onto your coffee table is a great artistic way to create conversation and intrigue in your space. If you're looking for more like this, boob and bust vases are also available all over the internet right now on websites such as Etsy.




No. 3

Janice Sung is an independant illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Canada who takes inspiration from renaissance paintings, Japanese and Chinese traditional art and Art Deco furniture. I found Sung through her Instagram @janicesung where she has half a million followers. Her versatile and playful artwork, which she sells as prints online here , would create an impactful and conversational feature in the home. I've linked some of my favourites below.




No. 4

A very specific favourite this month is this lamp from Beliani. The ceramic glazed black base is perfect for creating adding a more earthy tone in any room and an upgrade from a regular black table lamp. I purchased two of these to be bedside lamps this month so you should see them in an upcoming bedroom makeover!




No. 5

Looking for a new accent chair? This statement rattan Modica armchair from is the perfect accent chair for anyone wishing to achieve a Japandi or Bohemian style in their home. Rattan has seen a huge resurgence in the interior space, being paired with black or wooden tones to create a more natural, relaxed environment. While it may not look it, rattan is surprisingly comfortable! It would look amazing with lime washed walls and pair it with some textural art or a obscure shaped mirror behind.




No. 6

Looking to decorate a coffee table or side board but just not sure how? Using a large wicker tray is a fool-proof way to create an organised yet beautiful display, which can be easily picked up and moved if needed for space on your coffee table. I recommend centring your tray to the piece of furniture, then add in a vase of flowers or house plant. After that, add small pieces such as candles, small books or objects like the image above and try to create 3 different levels of height. There's many more trays available online on sites such as Amazon, check out my favourite three picks below.




If you buy any of these items please tag us in your pictures using @debeauinteriors or #debeauinteriors. We would love to see how you style them.


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