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Monthly Favourites: March 2021

Spring is officially upon us and with the lift of the UK lockdown things are looking up! I have only a few favourites to share with you this month as it's been a busy month, where I've focused on more of the behind the scenes parts of creating a business.

No. 1

Dakryn contemporary chimnea

As we're now in the preparation stages of getting our gardens ready for those summer night get-togethers, which feel long overdue this year, you may be on the hunt for a source of warmth. This chimnea from could be a great addition to a garden, with its contemporary shape and black fleck design. I have searched the internet looking for a similar style and came up empty when looking for a one this sleek in design and it is reasonably priced, in comparison to a lot of chimneas and fire pits, so I apologise for the lack of links to similar products. However, if you're in the UK like me, I always recommend buying a cover for the winter months to limit weather damage, which I have linked below.




No. 2

Extra-large, stone planters

This favourite is specific to the large stone plant pots with indoor trees, inspired by this stunning image from @anthology_creative. These types of thin trunk trees are great for bringing the outdoors in and pair perfectly with natural tones such as wooden and linen. This size of planter is quite pricey but they can add a priceless calm and grounding feeling to your space. You could put many different types of indoor trees in these, real or faux, and all would look great. I've linked a selection available in the UK below that are similar to the one from Anthology Creative, ranging from terracotta to glazed white. I definitely recommend checking out your local garden centre to see what deals you can get and to support their business.




No. 3

Industrial style, metal frame interior doors

This style of black frame door has been more popular than ever lately. This image from RUE Magazine shows how beautiful and spacious they can make a home feel, using a more contemporary design than standard internal doors, with their clean lines and striking colour. This style is inspired by the steel-frame, industrial Crittal windows, which were created in the 1860's and has now been adapted to create any type of interior and exterior door. We're currently using this style of door in two of our ongoing projects and certainly would like to see it stick around for a very long time!




No. 4

The Vibes from Bloh London

The last featured favourite this month is the multi-wick, sculptural candles by Bloh London called 'The Vibes' Candle. I discovered this brand through Instagram and became obsessed with the unique concept and design of the candles. I can't wait to see this brand go from strength to strength! Check out their Instagram @blohlondon and website as they currently have a pastel collection out for spring/summer.




Let me know what you think of my favourites this month. Do you have any favourites worth highlighting? Comment below!

If you buy any of these items please tag us in your pictures using @debeauinteriors or #debeauinteriors. We would love to see how you style them.


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